There was an ingenious treatment found by the Havana Histotherapy Center that includes a drug called Melagenina Plus made from human placenta that has the power to promote the production melanocytes.

It is an ingenious method that has actually yielded effective outcomes.

Research studies have actually revealed that the treatment has actually been shown to be reliable in 86% of the cases, hence it treated 86% of the individuals effectively.

This is an extremely appealing rate.

The Efficiency Depends on These Aspects:

– Race
– Age
– Time course of the illness
– Percent of body impacted


This treatment is carried out throughout the course of 3 successive days.

Day 1

The treatment of vitiligo exists at a specific medical conference, then assessment and the treatment start. The client has to be recommended to seek advice from a psychologist at no extra expenses.

Day 2 and 3

The client is discussed how the medication works so that the client can utilize it in your home. There will be guidelines provided to the client for correct approach of the application, dose, and period.

This depends upon the intensity of the condition. There is no requirement for the client to go to the health center in order to get the treatment.

In case physicians believe it being needed, the client might be executed psychology assessment at no extra expense.

The client will be demonstrated how to make appropriate quantity of the treatment inning accordance with the degree of extension of the illness on the body.

Of the client follows the guideline offered by the medical professionals and use the treatment, the vitiligo will end up being an undesirable memory.


Source: healthlivingsolution

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