Undoubtedly, lemonade is among the most revitalizing beverages ever. Besides, it is scrumptious and moisturizing. Can we likewise lose a couple of additional pounds with it? You are right!

We will make it with 4 fantastic active ingredients that bring satiety and freshness: cucumber, mint, ginger and, obviously, lemon.


Primarily, cucumber is comprised of 96% water, so its calorie consumption is very little. 50 grams of cucumber just have 10 calories. It is a perfect food to contribute to a low-calorie diet plan and battle overweight. When taken in raw, it contributes satiety, it assists us to consume less food later on. A great salad of cucumbers prior to each meal will work together in the weight reduction.

It likewise supplies the following advantages:

— Promotes the detoxing of the body

— It is a natural diuretic: it assists combat versus fluid retention and removes contaminants from the urine

— Manages uric acid levels

— It is a natural laxative: it assists in cleansing the intestinal tracts in depth

— Reforms the mucous of the digestion system

— Secures the stomach walls

It is not recommended to utilize it for individuals with diarrhea, irritable bowel, persistent gastritis or for those who experience meteorism.


This fragrant herb has numerous usages in the natural medina, due to all its healing advantages:

— For the digestion system: it is utilized to fight convulsions, to get rid of gas prior to signs of swelling (avoids flatulence) and as an analgesic. It assists proper food digestion in general.

— For the breathing system: its anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties make it an excellent solution for dealing with breathing illness such as bronchitis, dry cough, and so on. It is likewise antibacterial, it avoids the advancement of damaging bacteria that stick to the walls of the respiratory tracts.

— The ascorbic acid it consists of, helps with the expulsion of phlegm and mucous, assisting to decongest the sinuses

— On the skin: Likewise its antibacterial residential or commercial properties assist in dealing with issues in the skin like eczemas

— Battle sleeping disorders and enhance sleep quality

— Combat the tension

— It is a muscle relaxant when consumed in infusions

— Enhances blood flow

— Combat febrile images.

It is utilized in treatments for asthma, colds, influenza, diarrhea, Crohn’s illness, meteorism, throwing up, digestive colic, to prevent heart diseases and get rid of bad breath.


Due to its specific taste, ginger is frequently utilized as a spice, accompanied by other components. Nevertheless, in Chinese medication, it is extensively utilized as the main ingredient for the treatment of numerous illness.

It is among the foods with more anti-inflammatory homes that exist. It likewise includes vitamins, minerals, necessary oils, amino acids and anti-oxidants that avoid totally free extreme damage.

It is a rejuvenating representative in general and can be utilized as a sexual invigorator.

He deals with an illness such as:

— Arthrosis

— Headache

— Sexual immortality

— Menstrual signs

— Digestion issues

— Acute rhinitis and influenza

— Breathing issues assist in expelling phlegm

— Heart problem: promotes blood flow

— Male and lightheadedness

— Anxiety


It is an exceptional food that integrates into almost all our meals. It consists of lots of vitamins, specifically a high portion of vitamin C, like all citrus fruits. Of the group of vitamins B, the greatest concentration is B1. It likewise has crucial minerals for the body to work like magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, fluorine, iron and salt.

It is regularly utilized for its diverse advantages:

— Enhances the body immune system, assists the body not to become ill

— It’s bactericidal

— Assists remove contaminants from the body

— Enhances the tonicity of blood vessels and capillary

— Assists injury recovery

— It triggers edema and cardiac arrest

— It avoids spastic paralyzes

— Manages blood sugar levels

— Precepts kidney stones

Its functions in alternative medicine are extremely important as it assists in the treatment of illness such as colds, pneumonia, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, influenza, aphonia, tonsillitis, pleurisy, high blood pressure, fever, kidney or gallstones, anemia, rickets, Oral issues such as swelling, cavities or sores, sleeping disorders, acidosis, irregularity … and more!

Cucumber, mint and ginger lemonade


– 2 liters of distilled water

– 1 medium cucumber, at its specific point of ripening

– 4 lemons

– 1 ginger root

– 10 leaves of fresh mint or peppermint

– Cut the cucumber and suffice into thin pieces

– Cut a lemon, likewise in thin pieces, get rid of all the seeds

– Express the staying 3 lemons

– Include the cucumber, the cut lemon, the juice and the mint leaves, to the water

– Consuming with a little stevia and blending well

– Let cool for 6 hours in the fridge

After this time, you can strain the preparation or straight consume it too.

It is perfect for those individuals who do not like drinking water alone or for those who do not get to take in the advised liquid each day.


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