Make this simple test, using only a glass of water and find out how healthy is your hair!

How frequently do you inspect whether your hair is healthy? Or your judgement is just based upon whether you have actually divided ends or not. If you have you’ll have a hair cut and by that you believe that the issue is fixed. If so, you are extremely, extremely incorrect.

It’s time to do something else to inspect your hair health.

First take a glass and fill it with water. Than pull a hair of your hair. Location the hair in the glass of water and observe.

If the hair is drifting on the surface, your hair remains in good condition. If the hair is sinking deeper into the cup, then you must seriously be worried for your hair health as your hair porosity is really high.

Thankfully, nature provides numerous options for lifeless hair, and among the very best is honey.

Rub half cup of honey on the hair, you can likewise include 2-3 teaspoons of olive oil. Enable the mix to represent 20 minutes, then wash well.

Source: finelivingadvice

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