It prevails for the majority of us to have dark skin on these locations. It is not unhealthy, just for the look is a problem of the issue.

The factor for such dark skin is some coloring by the name acanthosis nigricans and appears with age and sun tanning. The elbow and knee skin is much thicker and has more fold of skin layers.

There we have no oil and glands as such so the skin is naturally dry. So it is drier than other body parts.

For the underarms, this takes place from shaving and creams and cosmetics. For ladies, it is scarier and more demanding. Specifically in the summertime for t-shirts and tops. Attempt some natural remedies to fix this.


1. Aloe Vera— it nurtures the skin and lightens it. Likewise, it eliminates areas. This plant makes skin much healthier and revitalized. It is healthy and anti-cancer too. Aloe remains in numerous cosmetics. Do this: simply take some aloe gel and use on the neck for entire 20 minutes. Then wash and do this day-to-day.

2. Sodium bicarbonate— it exfoliates and gets rid of areas and spots of discolorations. Blend with water (1 part water and 3 parts baking soda. Then put on the neck for 5 minutes. Wash with cool water. Do it 2 times a week.

3. Potatoes— they have a substance called Catecholase that lightens skin. Grind potatoes and put the juice on the neck, after 15 minutes rinse. Another method is to blend lemon juice and potato juice and after 15 minutes wash this off. Do it daily for excellent outcomes.

Solutions for knees nd elbows

1. Lemon— it has vitamin c and peels of dead skin. Likewise, it invigorates skin and eliminates those cells, while it tones skin. Rub some juice on the elbows/knees. After 20 minutes clean with warm water and put cream. For the much better result, include honey to the mix.

2. Sugar— it peels dead skin cells and the granules tone the skin. Make a mixed paste from sugar and olive oil and place on the knees and elbows. After 5 minutes, utilize cold water. Do it when a week.

3. Almonds— it is actually healthy and tones skin. Heat up the almond oil and use prior to sleeping. After a couple of days, you see outcomes. Likewise, mix 2 tbsp powder almond and yogurt for a paste. Place on the skin when dry rinse. Do it once a day for 2 Week.

Solutions for underarms

1. Milk— if you blend it with curd, the lactose acid lightens up the skin. You require 1 tablespoon curd, 2 tablespoon flour, and 1 tablespoon milk. Mix whatever and make a paste. Use on underarms and after 15 minutes wash.

2. Cucumber— it lightens skin and with lemon it does marvels. The lemon whites and cucumber cools. For this Ayurveda treatment take cucumber juice and lime juice. Then include turmeric and the lemon will begin to bleach skin while cucumber cools down. The turmeric avoids more discolorations. Then you can simply position cucumber circles for revitalizing.

3. Chickpea mask— this lightens up underarms so simply take 1 tsp yogurt, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, 2 tablespoon flour of chickpea and 1 pinch turmeric. Mix whatever which mix is to be applied to sit for 1 hour. Wash with cold water. This mask fills and clears skin. In the very first 2 Week do this 2 times each week.



Source: organichealthuniverse

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