Press your forefinger for 60 seconds…

There is no have to fill your body with chemicals in the name of medication, while there are more secure and natural techniques to ease discomfort.

Reflexology asserts that every point on our body has some connection with our hands.

The forefinger is related to stomach and the colon. Pushing your forefinger for one minute prior to pulling it, relives irregularity and stomach discomforts.

After pushing your forefinger for one minute and pulling it later on, you must feel enhancement in an instant.

Each finger on your hand is related to particular organs.

The thumb is connected to the lungs and heart. If your heart beats are racing, rub the thumb and pull it. The heart beats must decrease.

The middle finger is related to the small intestine, the heart, blood and breathing system.

Whenever you feel lightheadedness, queasiness, or sleeping disorders, simply extend the middle finger and rub it.

The ring finger has a considerable result on state of mind. To prevent anxiety, merely massage the finger.

The little finger is connected to kidneys. It’s likewise connected with neck discomfort and headache. Massage the finger and you’ll feel a big relief.

Your palms are likewise related to particular organs of your body.

They are most especially related to the nerve system. To safeguard your mental condition, simply clap your hands for one minute.

This will boost the blood circulation, making you feel significantly much better.


Source: healthyfoodteam

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