In this post we’re going to share a remarkable dish for a tonic which has been utilized for centuries as a treatment for a long list of diseases in times where traditional medicine wasn’t available to all. This powerful tonic serve as an antibiotic, killing gram-positive and negative bacteria. It abounds in strong antibiotic and anti-fungal homes, increasing blood circulation and lymph flow and battling all type of bacteria and bacteria.


What can this tonic cure?

It has a wide range of healing homes and can be used as a treatment for a number of diseases. Thanks to the effective mix of fresh, natural ingredients the tonic improves the immune system and secures you from viruses, germs and fungi. It likewise enhances the circulation and purifies the blood.


Master tonic– Recipe


Prior to you start preparing this dish placed on a set of gloves due to the fact that the hot chili peppers can hurt your skin and be careful while preparing it since the strong odor can stimulate your sinuses immediately.

Active ingredients:


  — 2 tablespoon turmeric powder or 2 pieces of turmeric root
  — 700 ml. apple cider vinegar (organic).
  — 1/4 carefully chopped garlic.
  — 1/4 carefully sliced onion.
  — 2 fresh really hot chili peppers.
  — 1/4 grated ginger.
  — 2 tablespoons grated horseradish.




Mix all the active ingredients in a bowl except for the ACV, and transfer them in a mason jar once they’re well-combined. Put the ACV over them, close the container and shake the mix well. Shop the jar in a dark and cold location for two weeks, ensuring you shake it a couple of times a day. After 2 weeks strain the liquid through a gauze and use the dry remains for a salad dressing or something similar. For this treatment you’ll just need the liquid.



If you simply wish to enhance your immune system take 1 teaspoon a day of the mixture, gradually increasing the dose until you begin taking a little glass a day. However, if you experience a more severe disease or infection take a tablespoon 5-6 times a day. Its taste is extremely strong, so you can eat a piece of lemon or orange after it to soothe the burning feeling in the mouth. Gargle and swallow the mix, but don’t dilute it with water. Kids and pregnant women can also consume it in little dosages.


Health benefits of the components.


Turmeric has effective anti-inflammatory properties and can safeguard you from a variety of infections. It’s likewise been connected to discouraging cancer advancement and preventing dementia. Furthermore, people suffering from joint discomfort can benefit from this spice considerably.

Garlic has strong antibiotic and antifungal properties and a variety of other health benefits. It only targets the bad germs and bacteria in the body and promotes the production of good germs.

Onion has comparable properties to garlic despite the fact that not as powerful. Integrated together they serve as defenders versus a variety of infections.

Horseradish is a remarkably effective herb, especially beneficial for the lungs. It improves the sinus channels, where acute rhinitis typically begin.

Ginger is has strong anti-inflammatory properties and can significantly improve your blood flow.

Chili peppers are great for circulation also.

Apple cider vinegar has been used since 400BC, by Hippocrates, the daddy of medicine. It’s believed that he just utilized ACV and honey in the treatment of colds and infections.

Apple cider vinegar is made from fresh ripe apples which are later fermented and go through an extensive process to make the final product. It contains pectin, a fiber that can lower cholesterol and manage high blood pressure. ACV assists the extraction of calcium from foods which helps to keep bone strength.

Apple cider vinegar is abundant in potassium.

If you suffer from a potassium shortage you should begin consuming ACV on a regular basis since it is plentiful in this component. Potassium is necessary when it comes to eliminating the toxic waste from your organism. Apple cider vinegar is great for reducing weight too. It breaks up the fat and supports a natural weight reduction procedure.

ACV likewise abounds in malic acid, which is excellent against fungal and bacterial infections. Malic acid dissolves uric acid deposits from around the joints, and the uric acid is later eliminated from the body.

ACV is the very best natural remedy versus headaches, constipation, arthritis, weak bones, indigestion, high cholesterol, diarrhea, eczema, aching eyes, persistent fatigue, moderate gastrointestinal disorder, loss of hair, hypertension, obesity and numerous other problems.

If you wish to preserve your health and improve your body immune system you need to begin consuming this tonic as quickly as you can!

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