Dr. Otto H. Warburg won a Nobel Reward for finding the reason for cancer. There is one element of our bodies that is the essential to preventing cancer: pH levels.

What Dr. Warburg found out is that when there is an absence of oxygen, cancer cells establish. As Dr. Warburg stated, “All regular cells have an outright requirement for oxygen, however malignant cells can live without oxygen– a guideline without exception.

Deny a cell of 35% of it’s oxygen for Two Days and it might end up being malignant.” Cancer cells for that reason can not reside in an extremely oxygenated state, like the one that cultivates when your body’s pH levels are alkaline, and not acidic.

The majority of people’s diet plans promote the development of excessive acid, which tosses our body’s natural pH levels from a somewhat alkaline nature to an acidic nature.

Preserving an alkaline pH level can avoid health conditions like cancer, osteoporosis, heart diseases, diabetes, and heartburn.

Consuming processed foods like improved sugars, fine-tuned grains, GMOs, and other abnormal foods can cause a pH level that supports the advancement of these conditions, and causes total bad health.

In fact, many health conditions that prevail today originate from a pH level that is too acidic, consisting of parasites, germs, and infections are all credited to an acidic pH level.

There is a natural treatment that you can utilize in the house that is basic, and easily offered.

All you may need is:

– 1/3 tablespoon of baking soda, and
– 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar.

Mix the components into 8o unces of cold water, and stir well. The sodium bicarbonate will respond with the lemon juice or ACV and start to fizz. Consume the mix at one time.

The mix will naturally lower your pH levels in your body and avoid the conditions related to an acidic pH level.

Keeping a healthy pH level will do marvels for your health, and you will observe the distinction after just a couple of days of the treatment.

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