There was a caution from the Centers for Illness, Control and Avoidance on the current health problem scare, the bug Triatomine, or called kissing bug. According to CDC it can eliminate people.

This kiss bug appears friendly by the name however it can transfer the parasite called Trupanosoma cruzi. This is fatal when it goes into the body. This can trigger Chagas and impact the lives of 8 million individuals all over.

The Chagas make horrible heart problems as well as trigger death. The indications do disappoint in the beginning, however 2 months later on after the bug goes into. The indications are fever, headaches, big lymph glands, muscle discomfort, difficult breathing. Looks like an influenza and it can not be seen in the beginning.

When this occurs, the individual likewise will have skin sores and eyelid swelling.

10% of individuals with this problem likewise had bad food digestion and 30% had heart problems.

For the time existing is no immunization however an early treatment is 100% reliable too.

Remember, keep the household safe and spray around the house for health.

If this host rubs its bite, the threat of a disease is larger and spreads out more because the bug has feces in the bite which feces is lethal.

In the North, the only U.S.A location of threat is New England and New york city state.

Understand these locations in your home

– Bottom of homepage

– Stony locations

– Pet dog cages

– Chicken cage

– Rocks near your house


– Seal every fracture of windows, walls, doors

– Eliminate wood stacks and stone stacks

– Prevent puddles

– Keep your home in beautiful state

– No lawn lights near to the house

– Call Department of Health if you observe Triatomine


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