Initially, you must understand that this incredible dish was found a very long time ago! Yes, it’s more than 5 000 years of ages and it was found by a monk in a Tibetan abbey.

Numerous specialists all over the world state that you can utilize this effective solution to deal with and avoid various illness!

And you need to likewise be really cautious, since you’re permitted to utilize it simply as soon as in 5 years.

You’ll be surprised when we inform you that the main ingredient in this dish is garlic.

Well yes, and we can quickly state that garlic is among the healthiest foods in the world!

Yes, and all of us understand that lots of people all over the world usage raw garlic as a standard solution to manage hypertension, low high blood pressure, high cholesterol, acquired high cholesterol, coronary cardiovascular disease, cardiovascular disease, minimized blood circulation due to narrowed arteries, and atherosclerosis.

Several research studies have actually verified that allicin, the active substance discovered in garlic might utilize the very same system as high blood pressure drugs called ACE inhibitors to lower high blood pressure.

It’s thought that garlic avoids the production of angiotensin II, a hormonal agent, and assists unwind capillary.

Garlic is likewise very helpful and reliable in controlling the LDL cholesterol.

Keep in mind: this homemade treatment is extremely easy and simple to make. You simply need to follow the easy guidelines.

Here’s exactly what you have to do

You will require the following active ingredients:

– 5 oz./ 350 grams’ garlic
– 7 oz./ 200 ml 95% alcohol or rum


You ought to keep in mind something– if you’re utilizing alcohol, make certain it does not include methanol or benzalkonium chloride.

Initially, you have to peel and mash the garlic, then blend it with alcohol. Put the mix into a decontaminated glass bottle and leave it to represent 10 days.

After 10 days, you ought to strain the liquid, then return the ready mix in the bottle once again.

Keep it in the fridge. This quantity will suffice for about 12 days.

Ways to utilize it


This cast has extremely strong medical homes and hence you need to not consume it more than twelve days.

Likewise, there is a restricted variety of drops you can utilize every day, which you need to consume in a glass of water prior to breakfast, lunch and supper.

The very first day, you ought to include one drop prior to breakfast, 2 prior to lunch and 3 drops prior to supper.

There is a plan you ought to adhere to when consuming this medication. The comprehensive directions are given up a table that follows.

You will be surprised by the outcomes!



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