When was the last time you’ve visited your massage therapist?How did it go?– Oh that felt good!Massage is the best relaxation strategy considering that forever.It has extremely favorable effect on your total health and the best thing is that you can do it yourself.


If you didn’t know by now, massage:


— Improves the blood circulation

— Promotes the secretion of sweat

— Minimizes fat

— Accelerates the blood circulation through the problem

— Eliminates those acids that could trigger cramps

— Impacts the relaxation and muscles stretch

— Other advantages

Here’s Why It’s so Important For You to Massage Your Feet Before Going to Bed!
How rubbing your feet is connected to this?Applying pressure on particular points of the feet impact the treatment of different diseases.It actually assists the organs to enhance and keep their good work for the organism.It’s recommended to massage your feet every night prior to you go to sleep.

The treatment should not take more than 15 minutes. In fact, the treatment achieves success if it lasts 10 to 15 minutes.If you didn’t avoid your biology classes, I know I did, a very large number of nerve endings are focused precisely on the soles.Their opposite ends are spread like a spider web all over your body.Feet massage implies healing.When you massage them you are doing more than just promoting your feet.


You are promoting the work of other parts of the body.Pressing your thumbs on particular points will do the trick for every single organ to get the unique treatment.With that being said, we can clearly see why our feet play a big function in the nerve system of the body.Press firmly on the particular point for a couple of seconds and you are good to go to the other point.


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