He slept with a red onion around his neck: when he woke up he witnessed a miracle!!!

Onion is popular to be a skin cleaner, germs killer and blood cleanser.

Another method onion can be practical remains in the case of a disrupted thyroid.

Igor Knjazkin, a physician from Sant Petersburg, composed a dish for dealing with the thyroid gland, and it consists of red onions.

His approach includes cutting up a red onion in half right before going to sleep so that the juice can stream from each half.

Then massage the neck with the cut up onion around the location of the thyroid gland with light circular motions.

Go to sleep without cleaning your neck so that the onion juice can work throughout the night. Onion juice naturally allows the function of the thyroid gland.

Later, put a piece of onion in each sock and sleep!

It is understood that onions clean up the skin, eliminate germs, and the phosphoric acid goes into the blood stream and amazingly assists in cleansing the blood.

Herbal remedies states that onions have the list below impact:

– They cleanse the blood
– Eliminate germs and pathogens
– Cleanses the air


Source: healthylifetricks

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