Honey is among natures most amazing products. Its health advantages are worldly known and it has been used for centuries both medicinally and in food. Its tasty taste has been enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Honey is nevertheless, a pricey luxury ingredient in lots of houses.



Due to its cost, people frequently buy the most affordable they can discover in the supermarket, or the ones with the most deceptive ads. Even the one in the best-looking, most amazing container. Often, when the substandard, lower rate honey is being sold, you ‘d be suprised to understand that its not really pure honey that you’re purchasing.



In order to decrease the price, the chemical makeup of honey is often subjected to numerous alterations.



A public research study carried out by the Food Security News offered a rather alarming discover worrying honey. They have found that upto 76% of all kinds of honey readily available in grocery stores have gone through a process called ultra purification.



This filtering procedure eliminates impurities like wax traces, but also the pollen also.



The manufacturerers state that this procedure is needed in order to avoid “taking shape and to lengthen the service life of the product and”. Little do the consumers understand that pollen is very crucial and beneficial to our bodies.



According to these researchers, the primary need to avoid honey thats been teated by this process is the failure to figure out the geographical origin of the honey, as in cases of pollen contamination, the origin has to be analyzed and traced.



Chinese honey is one such example. It is often polluted with unlawful prescription antibiotics and some metals, given that manufacturers procedure honey in this way in order to import it, and its origin is unknown.



Therefore, we can recommend a couple of brand names and places where you can acquire honey which does not have pollen:



— Honey types cost Walgreen’s and CVS Drug store do not consist of pollen.

— Specific plans of KFC and McDonald honey do not include pollen.

— Honey Winnie the Pooh which can be purchased Walmart does not have pollen.

— 77% of the honey sold at Costco, Target and Sam’s Club do not have pollen.



Moreover, there are likewise honey types which have been combined with glucose, in addition to others which are high in poor-quality mead. Adulterated honey is honey that is not in its purest possible form.



Apparently, adulterated honey is frequently sold in the grocery stores, so you need to learn ways to acknowledge it:



If your honey does not “take shape” gradually, there is a likelihood it might be adulterated, because the pure one will take shape when kept in the refrigerator.



Always read the labels: Constantly read the label on the honey, and if it contains commercial glucose or high fructose corn syrup, prevent it.



Include a few iodine drops into a glass of water and add in some honey later on. If your honey turns a blue colour it has actually been combined with corn starch.



Add a couple of drops of vinegar into a mix of water with honey. If you see foam, your honey has been adulterated with plaster.



Burn the honey with phosphorus or a match, and if it sparks, it is pure honey.



Location a spoon of honey into a glass of water. In case the honey does not dissolve, it is pure. Phony honey or poor-quality honey dissolves in water due to the high aduletration.



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