Japanese individuals are well-known because of their natural medicine approaches and there is a factor for that.

These techniques are really efficient and they can assist you with a range of health issue.

There is a concept that every finger on our hands is linked to 2 organs.

That technique is called Jin Shin Jyutsu and it assists in stabilizing feelings. It can likewise be utilized to treat and recover specific illness.

There is a belief that body energy can be sustained with stimulation of some important points of fingers and by that, you can enhance your health.

Ways to Do It?

You simply have to hold firmly specific finger in your hand for 3-5 minutes. Focus on your breathing and breathe deeply and gradually.

Then you have to release your finger and massage all the fingers on both of your hands. This will assist the organ you wish to recover or enhance.

Likewise, bear in mind that every organ is connected to a particular feeling. Here you can see all the info you require when utilizing this method.


Organs: Spleen and stomach
Feelings: Anxiety and stress and anxiety
Physical signs: Headaches, skin problems, uneasiness, stomachache


Organs: Kidneys, urinary bladder
Feelings: Confusion, discontent, worry
Physical signs: Food digestion concerns, muscle discomfort, tooth pain, neck and back pain

Middle finger

Organs: Liver, gallbladder
Feelings: Irritation, rage, indetermination
Physical signs: Blood circulation problems, headaches, fatigue, menstrual discomfort, migraines

Ring finger

Organs: Lungs, big intestinal tract
Feelings: Worry, pessimism, unhappiness
Physical signs: Skin problem, food digestion concerns, asthma and other breathing issues

Little finger

Organs: Heart, small intestine
Feelings: Stress and anxiety, anxiety, absence of confidence
Physical signs: Cardiovascular disease, bone problems, discomfort in the throat


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