Consuming glass of alkaline water every morning can be of excellent assist with enhancing or keeping your health.

According to medical professionals 95% of all cancers reside in an acidic environment. They likewise found that cancer can not make it through in an alkaline environment with a pH worth of 7.36 or more.

This indicates that if you have an acidic environment in your body you’re at greater threat of cancer. And not just cancer however a variety of other illness also like osteoporosis, diabetes, heart problem and numerous other persistent illness which prevail today.

This water has a greater pH level than routine drinking water and numerous think that it can reduce the effects of the acid in your body. Typical drinking water is normally a neutral pH of 7 while water normally has a pH of 8 or 9. You can discover this kind of water in numerous grocery or organic food shops, and you can likewise prepare it in your home.

This dish is extremely basic, and you simply require 5 minutes from your time


You will require:
– 1 natural lemon (washed and sliced up)
– 2l cleansed water
– 1 tablespoon Himalayan salt (you can discover it in any healthy grocery store)
In a glass container filled with cleansed water add to the lemon pieces, however do not eject the juice, and add to the Himalayan salt. Cover the container and leave it over night at space temperature level. Consume 3 glasses of alkaline water first thing in the early morning on an empty stomach.


Source: myhealthylifestories

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