One of the leading authorities of self-help education for cancer clients and considered by many authorities to be the world’s leading specialist on cancer, Dr. Leonard Coldwell, talked about the nature of the illness and why he believes chemotherapy, radiation, and mammograms trigger cancer. In looking at the primary chauffeur behind the health problem, Coldwell contended that 90% of all cancers, along with other sicknesses, are brought on by tension. He indicated “consistent worries, doubts, and worries” as well as absence of self love and wish for the future as key consider reducing energy levels, compromising the immune system, and leading to illness like cancer.He warned that patients who go through standard cancer treatments, like chemotherapy, are “as great as dead.” As such, Coldwell shared some natural techniques for battling the illness.


One method, he said, involves consuming the combination of a spoonful of pharmaceutical sodium bicarbonate and five spoonfuls of organic maple syrup, warmed up to form a strong mass. This mixture, he stated, acts as a “Trojan horse,” since cancer cells will flock to the syrup’s high Sugar content then be killed by the baking soda. Coldwell likewise recommended consuming a gallon of water which contains a teaspoon of Sea Salt every day and avoiding using plastic containers for food and water. “You can always do the medical treatment,” he said to those who may be doubters, asking rhetorically “so why don’t you attempt the natural very first?”

Coldwell was extremely vital of the mainstream medical market which, he kept in mind, nets billions of dollars from cancer detection and treatment. He asserted that the pharmaceutical industry has no interest in curing cancer and ultimately wants to turn it into a “workable illness like diabetes.”


He claimed that his work to getting rid of cancer is so harmful to the pharmaceutical industry that, when his very first book will be published, he was used a quarter of a million dollars to suppress it. After rebuffing the deal, Coldwell stated, he was contended two days later and had his cars and truck bombed two weeks after that. Citing comparable treatment for other alternative treatment supporters, he regreted that “we live with daily death risks.”




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