Many people utilize e-cigarettes as a “safe” option to cigarettes, since the “vaping” system removes a great deal of the smoke that develops tar in the lungs.

If you trawl the net, you’ll find little studies to read the reason why doctors urge people to stop using e-cigs.

Nevertheless, a current Harvard research study has actually revealed worrying url to a severe lung illness, and there is now deep issue in the medical neighborhood connecting e-cigarettes to an illness called obliterative bronchiolitis, or “POPCORN LUNG”.

In 2000, an examination into the extreme kind of bronchitis being discovered in microwaveable popcorn factory workers, led the Centers for Illness Control and Prevention to conclude that the poisonous chemical “Diacetyl” was accountable, discovered in 39 of the most popular brand names of flavored e-cigarettes!

It is essential to see the video listed below that compares routine cigarettes to e-cigarettes, and concern an informed choice about continuing to smoke e-cigarettes, offered exactly what we do and have no idea about this option. The bronchial signs of POPCORN LUNG consist of:


Dry cough

Irregular shortness of breath

– Wheezing

– Weight reduction

– Night sweats

– Fever

– Tiredness

Really frequently Popcorn Lung, a permanent and typically lethal illness, gets misdiagnosed. Although no longitudinal research studies have actually yet been done, provided how brand-new e-cigarette cigarette smoking is, we do understand that Popcorn lung can be ravaging.



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