We discovered a fascinating post on the Russian online forum of natural medicine. This is the very first time that we consult with this technique of recovery.

The only thing I can state is that a mental element exists.

However, you can check it. Anyhow, it costs absolutely nothing. Whatever originates from the head, when one thinks about exactly what he does that can be a fantastic strength and benefit in any business. So, here’s the text, equated from the Russian language.

The author of the text is N.Holodenko, psychologist, and physician of philosophical sciences. Well, you choose on your own whether it deserves your attention.

The best ways to plant your illness in a pot!

You can treat a guy in a basic method, which is offered practically to everybody. Based upon the tested practice for centuries, the illness can be sent from client to another organism, in this case, the plant.

The treatment is basic. When ill individuals produce a percentage of liquid: manure, urine, saliva, sweat, secretions, you will need to blend it with the soil and put in a routine( smaller sized) pot of flowers.

Then you must plant 2-3 seeds, where planetary indication accompanies the indication of the illness, and wait till the plant gets a number of centimeters high.

Then, thoroughly get rid of the plant together with the roots and burn it if the illness is connected to hypersecretion of blood, pus, mucous and sweat. In all other cases, the plant is tossed into the river. After doing so, the illness will be entered a heart beat.


You ought to plant the herb at a time when the moon is on the subside. This is the duration in between the moon and brand-new moon. In nature and in the body, there is a propensity to filtration at this duration.

When the moon is on the sub side it dries, blows, minimizes and potentiates the activity and energy intake. The plant is not planted on Saturday, Sunday and on the birthday of the client.

You ought to damage the plant when the moon is on the subside.

The plant needs to not be planted through cuttings or roots (other than horseradish) since such a plant might pass away, which is bad for clients. You need to plant it just through seeds or bulbs.

If the seeds do not grow, there is no risk to the client, however, the procedure has to be duplicated.

To be treated of the illness with the aid of plants grown in a pot, it is required to understand the worlds and which illness they rule and discover an ideal plant.


Moon: rheumatism, gout, cramps, contaminated injuries, menstrual conditions, louse, scabies, ringworm, epilepsy, somnolence, anxiety, melancholia, drunkenness.

Mars: illness of the ears, lungs, liver, colds, piles, sciatica, migraine, non-healing injuries, internal bleeding, jaundice, dysentery, diarrhea, irregularity, gangrene.

Mercury: illness of the brain, fainting, lightheadedness, stuttering, illogical worries, oral ulcers, skin ulcers, acne, pimples, fistulas.

Jupiter: cardiovascular, intestinal illness, illness of the pancreas, spleen, high blood pressure, angina, eye illness, poisoning,

Venus: venereal illness, urinary infection, sexual perversion

Saturn: endocrine illness and lymphatic system, oncological illness, fruitlessness, lupus, psoriasis, numerous sclerosis, dementia, fractures, eczema, undiagnosed illness.

Sundown: burns, frostbite, serious infections, influenza, extreme damage to the heart and eyes, paralysis (as an outcome of injury or stroke), neurosis, heat tension, bad metabolic process (consisting of weight problems).


Moon: polyp, aster, veronica, iris, camellia, cabbage, carrot, cucumber, fuchsia

Mars: artichoke, basil, nettles, leek, radish, black radish, beetroot, horseradish, garlic.

Mercury: anise, valerian, early morning magnificence, dahlia, peas, clover, tomatoes, chicory.

Jupiter: sunflower, jasmine, bonfire-salad, sesame, lemon, peppermint, dandelion, peony, increased, rosemary, wheat

Venus: begonia, carnation, geranium, gladiolus, tulip, yarrow, beans.

Saturn: rosemary, potatoes, celery, dill.

Sun: verbena, hyacinth, St. John’s wort, calendula, sunflower, corn, thyme, sage.

It occurs that the illness can not be specified and appointed to one or another world.

For instance, viral liver disease from one side of the liver (Mars) and the other transmittable illness (sun). In such cases, you ought to utilize 2 plants or plant them in various pots.


Source: naturalhealingmagazine

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