White crystal powder, which appears like sugar or salt. Mixed in water, it tastes like meat soup. It can be contributed to any sort of food. Potassium glutamate results in increased cravings, overindulging and obese.

The potassium glutamate improves brain cells, imitating drug, it quickly gets in the blood and brain and it results in alter of the genes responsible for the taste.

Potassium glutamate is consisted of in every sausage, salami, hotdog, potato chips, dehydrated soup blends, canned food, beer and a lot more. The safe dosage for a grownup is 1,5 g daily, and for kids- no greater than half a gram.

Today, all around the world, 200.000 lots of potassium glutamate are being produces every year. The signs of E621 overdose are called “syndrome of Chinese dining establishment”, manifested by sleepiness, migraine, visual impairment, vertigo, hormone imbalance, queasiness and weak point, chest discomforts and so on.

The compound was found in 1907, in Japan, by Ikeda Kikunae, who carried out lots of experiments and found that it improves the taste of the food. Not just that it improves the natural taste of items, however it likewise enhances the taste of preservatives, unhealthy food, frozen items.

Potassium glutamate is incredibly popular in U.S.A, since it offers more food. In some experiments, where mice were frequently provided food with E621, they lost their sight after a while. Among the unfavorable repercussions of potassium glutamate usage is that it impacts the tongue receptors, so in time their food understanding worsens.

Extremely frequently, because of the potassium glutamate that makes the food taste much better, we can not manage ourselves and stop consuming junk food, like potato chips, chocolate, all set meals and so on. It triggers dependency, on a subconscious level it makes us choose items which include the preservative. This readies just for the producers, since their sales are increasing.

Keep in mind!

Food producers take advantage of utilizing E621, since by doing this they are lowering the production expenses, in the exact same time making the low-grade items look great, which should be stopped.

Take care when purchasing groceries, checked out the labels and the active ingredients lists. Usage natural spices for cooking.


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