Our diet is based upon numerous processed items that contain artificial dyes, preservatives and chemicals that can actually take a toll on our health.

These chemicals are a huge issue for our body as it is not able to absorb such complex compounds. It can consume salad in less than 2 hours, but take a hamburger or another kind of heavy meal and it may require 3 or more days to absorb it totally, which leaves harmful residue behind that can clog our system and cause many problems. This is why it is very important to obtain rid of the unhealthy food in our diet and start taking in healthy items.

Besides junk foods, we also drink a lot of unhealthy beverages, primarily soft drinks which have been known to contain up to 30 tablespoons of sugar per can, which is troubling.

You will never drink soda again after reading this post!

Coca Cola is one of the most popular drinks in the world. A cold can of Coke in the summer season sounds great, but many individuals are addicted to the drink due to the high quantity of sugar in it, which is a major issue. The incredible quantities of sugar in Coke and similar items has actually been confirmed to lead to weight problems and other major conditions which is why you need to stop consuming it right away. Here’s exactly what takes place to your body an hour after consuming a can of Coke:

After 10 minutes

You have actually taken in all the sugar your body requires on a daily basis.

After 20 minutes

The procedure of turning sugar to fat in the liver starts.

After 40 minutes

The glucose from the drink is now completely absorbed in the blood, leading to significantly increased blood pressure.

After 45 minutes

Your brain begins to pump huge amounts of dopamine which increases your heart rate.

After 60 minutes

After the process ends, your blood sugar levels spike and the risk of diabetes is substantially increased.

As you can see, drinking only a can of soda raises the threat of many illness, and drinking Coke and similar soft drinks every day can lead to dangerous conditions. In order to protect your health, you ought to eliminate these beverages from your diet and stay with natural fruit juices.

Source: Organic Solutions Portal

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