Cabbage juice – remedy for 100 diseases and colon cancer!!!

The relationship in between healthy food and natural treatments is rather close.

Exactly what’s more, the genuine treatment is typically inexpensive, contrary to the belief that the most efficient remedies are those which are most costly.

However, this belief has actually been set up into our brains so that pharmaceutical business can benefit.

So, to stop waiting on the wonder to take place, you have to begin consuming basic, yet healthy food, and go back to the conventional treatments of illness.

In this post, we speak about among the very best natural treatments on earth which was utilized by our forefathers. It is the vitamin C- abundant cabbage juice.

Cabbage is an outstanding source of anti-oxidants, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins like B6, K, and so on. It’s a terrific anti-disease and antibacterial representative thanks to the glucosinolates and sulforaphane it consists of.

These substances promote the enzymes of the gastrointestinal system and assist the body detoxing procedure. Sulfophane has actually been shown to prevent cancer.

In fact, cabbage, in addition to all other cruciferous veggies are discovered on the top of the list of colon cancer-fighting foods.

Besides this kind of cancer, cabbage likewise assist dealing with breast, liver, lungs, and ovary cancer, in addition to other illness like arthritis, persistent coughing, hangovers, stomach ulcers, anemia, and so on.

Furthermore, this healthy veggie enhances the metabolic process, assists weight reduction, avoids sugar conversion to fat, and alleviates irregularity issues.

Cabbage Juice Dish

Now that you understand the health advantages of cabbage, it’s time to discover the best ways to prepare cabbage juice.

– one medium head of cabbage
– some Apple Cider Vinegar
– warm water
– knife
– a juicer


Soak the cabbage in warm water, and put a little apple cider vinegar onto it. Get rid of the stem utilizing a knife and cut the cabbage into 2 halves so that they fit your juicer.Blend only one half to obtain juice for drinking. The other half usage it for another time.

There’s no stringent day-to-day dosage of cabbage juice, although consuming it in excess quantities can cause digestive tract gas and bloating. So, some suggest consuming the juice of one head of cabbage a day.

You can consume the juice from the one half in the early morning, which from the other at night. Enjoy your healthy juice!


Source: themagicofhealthylife

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