As you most likely already know, bananas are real little repositories of energy, which not just enables us to stay in good shape, but also helps in the prevention and treatment of numerous illness …

So here are some of them who might not know.

Banana is a cure for nerves

Banana consists of large quantities of vitamin B in itself, which is best for soothing the nervous system.

Banana is a combatant versus tension

Banana consists of vital minerals that normalize the heart, sending out oxygen to the brain and regulates the water level in the body. When the organism is under stress, metabolic process accelerate and reduces the level of these minerals, so it is recommended that frequent consumption of bananas.

Banana assists anxiety

According to a study conducted amongst individuals who suffer from depression, banana usually helps them feel far better. The factor for this is tryptophan, type protein contained in banana. It helps the body to relax and visibly enhances state of mind.

Banana helps with hypertension

Banana is abundant in potassium and low in salt and includes the perfect combination to regulate high blood pressure.

Banana reduces PMS

Vitamin B contained in banana affect the level of glucose in the blood, which in turn impacts our state of mind.

Banana for anemia

Banana is abundant in iron and can promote the production of hemoglobin in the blood which helps in the treatment of anemia.

Banana improves memory

Banana thanks to high levels of potassium which consists of in itself, affects the increase in concentration and memory.

Banana anti-hangover fruit

Frappe from banana sweetened with honey is the very best natural remedy for hangover. The banana soothes the stomach and with honey renew spent blood glucose and the milk hydrates and has a calming impact on the body.

Banana versus stomach ulcers

Banana is the only fruit that with no damage can be taken in raw with chronic illness. Due to its soft composition and smoothness are utilized as food in issues with bowel and at the same time reduce the effects of gastric acid and collar minimizes inflammation inside the stomach.

Banana versus warts

If you want to get rid of warts, and exempt to undesirable burning with nitrogen, usage banana. Take a banana peel, set of nipple with yellow part up, tighten it with a plaster or plaster and say goodbye to the nipple.

Banana controls temperature

In lots of cultures have actually considered banana fruit cools and can Lower physical and emotional temperature in pregnant females.

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