Researchers have actually discovered a strong correlation between persistent tension and many emotional and physical disorders, such as stress and anxiety, depression, hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease, nausea, vomiting, weak body immune system, and so on. That’s not all, it can likewise lead to the advancement of numerous other severe diseases.

In reality, practically everyone experiences stress due to today’s way of life. However, if you are continuously experiencing stress, you are at a greater threat of establishing numerous health problems. Specifically, in case you do not take particular measure to lower your tension levels, it can lead to the above mentioned health problems.

In addition, there are actually a number of techniques that can help you lower your stress. For instance, a few of them include regular massage, workout, mediation, yoga, and so on. But, we are going to provide you an old Japanese self-relaxation method, which has actually been proven to be really efficient.

You can practice it anywhere in less than 5 minutes.

Prior to talking about the details of this ancient self-relaxation technique, we have to point out that every finger does represent a different type of sensation or emotion:

  • The Little finger can assist you reduce tension and improve your self-esteem and optimism.
  • The Ring finger can assist you eliminate depression and melancholy.
  • The Middle finger can help you control your emotions and sensations of bitterness and rage.
  • The Index finger can assist you get rid of your worries.
  • The Thumb can assist you combat concern and anxiety.


The main function of this Japanese technique is to produce balance of all the opposing energy forces present in your body. Particularly, you need to take one finger at a time, and understand it using the other hand. Next, each finger needs to be twisted around it.

Then, it is a good idea to hold every finger for one to 2 fingers up until you feel the pulse.

You can likewise bring yourself into a deeper state of relaxation by putting minor pressure to your palm’s center by using the thumb of the other hand. You should hold it for about 60 seconds.

Practicing this self-relaxation method daily can significantly reduce your tension and balance your spirit.

View the video below to learn how to practice the strategy properly



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