The word cancer is typically utilized to describe deadly tumors since tumors spread out likewise to the method cancer relocations. Malignant tumor cells move through the body, and they start growing after they reach the target.

In addition to this, malignant tumors grow much faster than benign. This is the main reason cancer is called “the plague of the 21st century.”


Etiology of Cancer

According to the German researcher Otto Heinrich Warburg, cancer is a result of anti-physiological power and anti-physiological lifestyle. The combination of an anti-physiological diet plan and physical lack of exercise forces the body develop acidic environment. Acidity in cells decreases oxygen level.

The absence of oxygen in cells develops acidic environment. He said: “The reduction of oxygen and level of acidity are 2 sides of an exact same medallion: if you have one, you need to have the other.”

This indicates that if someone experiences a condition of extreme acidity, that individual would automatically have a lack of oxygen in the organism. The lack of oxygen creates acids in the organism.

He likewise stated:” Acid substances turn down oxygen, unlike base, which draws in oxygen.” So, the acidic environment includes no oxygen. All normal cells have an outright requirement for oxygen, however, cancer cells can live without it.

Growth tissues are acidic and healthy tissues are alkaline. In his book “The metabolic process of tumors”, Otto explained how all cancer types are defined by 2 basic conditions: blood level of acidity and hypoxia.


Inning accordance with him, growth cells are anaerobic (do not inhale oxygen) and can not make it through in the existence of high oxygen concentrations. Glucose and oxygen-free environment are enough for growth cells to survive.

Therefore, cancer is absolutely nothing but a defense reaction some body cells have in order to endure in an acidic oxygen-free environment.

Step 1: Consume alkaline food

Depending upon the quality of protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins, food guarantees and creates conditions of acidity or alkalinity in the body.

It is important to understand how acidic or alkaline foodstuff affect health since cells require pH right above 7 in order to work correctly.

Food and products responsible for acidic environment in the body: improved sugar and all its derivatives, animal items (milk and cheese ), improved salt, refined flour and all its derivatives (pasta, cakes, cookies … ), bread, margarine, caffeine (coffee, black tea, chocolate), alcohol, cigarettes, any cooked (boiled) food (cooking damages oxygen and increases acidity of food), commercial processed food in cans, which include preservatives, synthetic colors, flavors, stabilizers etc.

Modern lifestyle is the reason we consume this food a minimum of 3 times a day, 365 days a year and all these food are anti — physiological.

Water is essential for the production of oxygen. It is suggested to consume at least 8 cups of water every day, however, do not exaggerate it. Do not take in too much salt. Use the smallest amount possible.

Guidance for healthy individuals: Practice 60 % alkaline diet. Avoid items that are primarily acidic (fizzy industry beverages, improved sugar, and all sweeteners).

Suggestions for individuals with a special health condition: Your ideal diet plan must be 80 % alkaline and prevent any hazardous products. If you have cancer, you are advised to alkalize the body as much as you can.

Action 2: Exercise

Exercising provides oxygen. Sitting damages your body!


Step 3: Attempt applying the following recipe

Consume the following tea mix to secure healthy organism of establishing growths:

  • Marigold flower — 60 g
  • Yarrow (overground part) — 20g
  • Nettle leaf — 20 g

Preparation and use:

Cover a tablespoon of tea mixture with 250 ml boiling water and after half an hour stress the liquid. Drink a cup of tea every day (in little sips).



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