This Tibetan dish is discovered in the ancient Tibetan abbey, composed on clay tablets.



Its presumed to be composed more than 2000 years and treats digestive disorders, prevents heart attack and brain attack, prevents growth development procedure, enhances eyesight, however revitalizes and guarantees a long life too.




— 300g of garlic (finely sliced).
— 1 kg of lemons with peel (to be finely sliced or grated).
— 1.5 liters of water




— Boil the 1.5 liters of water, then on a low heat add the grated garlic and lemon (include the lemon juice too).
— Cook all the active ingredients in a closed container. Simmer this mixture on low heat for 15 minutes, not one minute longer.
— When the mix has cooled, put it in a container.

Consume 50ml. of this medicine daily, in the early morning. Repeat this treatment for 25 days.



When you drink the whole dose, take a 10-day break, and after that repeat the process once again!




Stick to the everyday dose and the ten-day break. For a much better health, it is advised to take one or two doses per year.
This process must be repeated two times in a year or at 2 periods of six months.



Source: healthyfoodandsporttips

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