Blood flow is among the most crucial functions in your body.

It enables consistent motion of blood through the body. It’s the blood that provides the brain and the organs with the needed nutrients and oxygen. Flow problems can impact the appropriate function of various systems within the body.

If they are not dealt with on time, they can seriously harm the heart, brain, kidneys and lots of other important organs.

Inadequate blood flow can be an outcome of different reasons, but the most typical ones are atherosclerosis and peripheral artery disease.

Other health issue can also cause poor blood circulation such as weight problems, embolism, diabetes or cardiovascular disease. Also, excess drinking, consuming disorders, smoking and pregnancy can make you more vulnerable to this condition.

When you discover some signs that show some issues with blood circulation, target the cause and start some treatment in the very minute. Ensure you seek advice from a doctor due to the fact that this is a major condition that can trigger stroke, cardiovascular disease as well as death.

Here is a list of 10 indication of incorrect blood circulation:

1. Numb Hands and Feet

Pins and needles in some points of the body, specifically the extremities can be a sign of problems with the circulation.

Also, numbness can look like an outcome of relentless pressure on the hands and feet, compression of the nerves, direct exposure to cold, absence of magnesium and lack of vitamin B12. It can also signify diabetes, underactive thyroid and multiple sclerosis.

2. Swelling of Lower Extremities

Swelling in your feet can be a result of high consumption of salt, standing or sitting in one position for a long period of time, obesity, malnutrition, aging, pregnancy and premenstrual syndrome.

But if you experience swelling in the feet for a long period of time this can be an outcome of poor blood circulation.

Due to the fact that of the absence of blood circulation, the kidneys are unable to satisfy the process of keeping fluids in the capillary.

In this case, the fluid settles in the surrounding tissues and hence triggers swelling. In some extreme cases, this condition can lead to leg ulcers.

When you experience such problem, raise your legs above the heart level. As quickly as the blood circulation is enhanced, the swelling will stop. But, if the swelling is persistent, you need to see a medical professional.

3. Consistent Fatigue and Fatigue

Tiredness can appear as an outcome of different medications and physical exertion, but if there is a persistent feeling of fatigue and exhaustion then it may be connected to poor blood flow.

The incorrect blood circulation hinders the regular functioning of the organs, even the muscles which do not have adequate oxygen and necessary nutrients.

Along these signs, shortness of breath, aching muscles and lack of stamina can appear.

Tiredness can also arise from extreme consumption of caffeine, alcohol, unhealthy eating habits, bad routines, depression, stress and anxiety, tension and sorrow.

4. Cool Hands and Feet

Good blood circulation keeps a regulated body temperature. When there is some issue with the blood circulation, the body can’t have a normal body temperature, so the hands and feet are typically cold. This is because the blood can’t reach the outermost points in your body, such as the fingers and toes.

In this case, you can rub the affected point so that you motivate the blood circulation.

Another reason that triggers cold hands and feet is the underactive thyroid, peripheral neuropathy or Raynaud’s syndrome. If you experience this problem with no known reason, consult your doctor to learn the precise cause for it.

5. Varicose Veins

Varicose veins on the legs can be an outcome of bad blood flow due to the fact that the incorrect flow constructs pressure and the veins end up being twisted, swollen and visible.

Normally they appear on the lower extremities, causing itching, discomfort, restlessness, heaviness and burning experiences in the legs. Likewise, this is an essential charm issue for lots of people.

Other factors that can contribute to this condition are weight problems, heredity, hormone changes, irregularity, use of control tablets and a lot of standing on a daily basis.

If you deal with such issue, it is of vital significance to wear compression stockings that will enhance the blood circulation. Ensure, you see your medical professional routinely for an appropriate treatment.

6. Weak Immune System and Slow Recovery

The inappropriate circulation will affect the body immune system due to the fact that when not dispersed on time, the vitamins and minerals that the body requirements need to eradicate infections. In this way, the capability of the body to eliminate bacteria is impacted.

If you have weak body immune system, you may be more prone to injuries, cuts and grazes that might be harder to recover.

To improve your blood circulation workout more frequently. Walk at least 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week and you will feel much better.

7. Erectile Dysfunction

If there is no a correct blood flow in the reproductive organs, this may result in impotence. Further on, this can cause issues to attain or sustain erection. This condition can be connected to atherosclerosis. So, guys who suffer from this issue ought to consult a medical professional in order to evaluate the danger of heart disease.

8. Abrupt Hair Loss

Hair loss is an apparent indicator that there is an incorrect distribution of blood in the body. When the scalp does not receive the required nutrients in the right time and amount, the hair ends up being dry, thin and starts falling down.

For this purpose, it is recommended to massage the scalp with some hair oil in order to avoid hair loss. In this way, you will enhance the blood flow and the hair follicles. Ensure you see a physician if some additional treatment is required.

Fragile nails and dry skin can likewise be a consequence of improper circulation due to the fact that if the lack of nutrients.

Nevertheless, loss of hair can take place due to stress, aging, hereditary factors, hormone imbalance, smoking, thyroid disorder, infections of the scalp, chronic health problems or iron-deficiency.

9. Tightness or Heaviness in the Chest

If there is no a sufficient blood circulation, the heart will not be able to operate in the proper way. The poor flow in your heart can lead to tightness and heaviness in the chest.

This issue is medically known as angina or angina pectoris. The chest pain can also be an indication of atherosclerosis in the heart arteries.

Other reasons that can add to chest pain can consist of heartburn, muscle spasm, upper breathing infection, indigestion and stomach ulcer.

As quickly as you feel some chest pain, see a physician to avoid some severe dangerous issue.

10. Skin Discoloring or Cyanosis

Cyanosis is a discoloration of skin as a result of low levels of blood oxygen or an incorrect blood flow. So, the color can change from brilliant red to dark one, the skin around the eyes, lips and gums can be blue. Even the fingers and toes can get a bruised appearance.

When such discoloration appears on infant’s skin, it might be a sign of a genetic heart disease. In this case, it is of essential value to search for an instant medical advice.

The best ways to Improve Circulation:

  • Do routine exercises daily.
  • Make sure you control stress due to the fact that it can significantly impact blood circulation.
  • In a 1/2 cup of olive oil, add some drops of rosemary important oil and massage your body. Focus on the extremities.
  • Practice contrast hydrotherapy, a treatment with cold and warm water in order to enhance the blood circulation.
  • Keep in a straight position when sitting or strolling because the body posture is essential for a great blood circulation.
  • Change the coffee with some cup of green tea in order to supply an overall health to your body.
  • Prevent excess alcohol intake.
  • Stop cigarette smoking and avoid being exposed to pre-owned smoke.
  • Improve your diet plan with seeds, black and cayenne pepper, nuts, garlic, onion and ginger to promote the blood circulation.
  • Invest in some good pair of shoes because they will provide a good circulation in your legs and you won’t feel any pain.


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