Cervical osteochondrosis is a condition that can be quite undesirable and unpleasant. However, you can treat this condition.

We suggest this intriguing dish that is effective in decreasing the discomfort which will assist you get rid of the discomfort for a very long time, even for a number of years.

You ought to prepare a basic mix for massage utilizing unrefined grease and salt (you can likewise utilize sea water).

This medical mix must suffice for the entire course of treatment. Simply integrate 10 tablespoons of salt with twenty tablespoons of oil (you can utilize olive or sunflower oil).

Here is how you can prepare this medical mix for dealing with osteochondrosis


After you have actually blended the salt and the oil, put the mix in glass bottle and close the bottle. Numerous days later on, you will get a light mix.

Apply this mix on your skin every early morning; rubbing it intensely on the cervical vertebrae at the locations you feel discomfort.

Start by a 2- or three-minute massage, and after that include another 2 or 3 minutes every day, ultimately bringing the massage time to twenty minutes.

When you are done rubbing the mix onto your skin, clean your neck utilizing a warm fabric.

Often, the application of this mix can result in small skin inflammation, so it is suggested that you clean your skin utilizing a dry fabric after you are completed massaging.

Complete by using some talcum powder on the location.

This treatment lasts for 10 days and it will assist you activate the blood flow and enhance the regrowth of muscle, bone and cartilage tissue.

The very best outcomes will be obvious after 8 to 10 treatments.

The application of this treatment will assist you restore your blood circulation in the neck and the spinal column location, minimize the incident of headaches, and enhance your vision.

This is all due to that it will eliminate the toxic substances from your body, which will lead to normalization of the metabolic process.

This cleaning procedure may trigger you to feel a little drowsy or lightheaded, although cases like these are unusual.

Usually, this kind of treatment does not featured adverse effects and it supplies excellent outcomes.

You can massage this mix onto your neck on your own.


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