Coconut water kefir is essentially fermented coconut water.

It is an amazingly abundant probiotic beverage that likewise includes actually high quantities of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes.

The minerals and vitamin material of coconut water consists of beta carotene, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Niacin, pantothenic acid, folates and vitamins A, B6, C, E and K.

Exactly what’s more vital and why it’s thought about much better than routine kefir is the truth it does not include the bothersome compounds that routine dairy has such as casein and lactose.

This simply implies that your body will process these probiotic advantages much better.

Coconut water kefir is thought to be the most advantageous probiotic drink due to the fact that it has a lot more powerful impact on the gastrointestinal system than any dairy probiotic food such as yogurt.

We understand, dairy is acid forming and not a great deal of individuals can manage it.

Furthermore, the primary minerals or electrolytes in coconut water are the same as those discovered in human blood.

Health Advantages Of Coconut Water Kefir

– Stops sugar yearnings
– Enhances the body immune system
– Helps in food digestion
– Boosts hydration
– Boosts energy
– Clears the skin
– More effective metabolic process
– Damages pathogenic yeasts in the body
– Enhances vision
– Great source of dietary minerals such as natural salt, chloride, and potassium
– Has a cleaning result on the endocrine system
– Relieves PMS

The Best Ways To Make Coconut Cinnamon Kefir Water

There are 3 methods to make your very own coconut water kefir:

1. Utilize existing kefir as a starter
2. Utilize a kefir starter culture
3. Usage kefir grains

This is my preferred technique. I believe making water kefir with grains is the method to go.

Fist you will require kefir grains (either water or milk kefir grains). You can purchase grains here.

This approach is more affordable given that the grains increase quick which implies you’ll constantly have them on hand.

Active ingredients

– 7 cups fresh coconut water
– 5 tablespoons water kefir grains
– 1 Ceylon cinnamon stick (my preferred cinnamon sticks).


– Include 7 cups of coconut water to your 1/2 gallon container.

– Location the water kefir grains in the coconut water and the cinnamon stick. Cover loosely and let it sit for 2 Days (not longer).

– Do not let it ferment too long; it may blow up.

– As soon as fermented, coconut water will end up being cloudy and lighter in color.

The kefir grains will rise to the top when they are done culturing.

When the culturing procedure is total, eliminate the kefir grains. Grains can be utilized right away for a brand-new batch or you can save them in water in the fridge.


Source: healthy-holistic-living

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