Mash a banana and add these 2 ingredients! You will never cough this winter!

If you’re struggling with a relentless cough or bronchitis, you’re going to enjoy the treatment we have for you today.

It is made from honey and bananas which will relieve your aching throat, ease your cough and can even assist you versus stomach issues.

Here Are The best ways to Prepare The Treatment

Active ingredients:

-2 teaspoons of honey
-2 middle-sized bananas (preferably with dark areas)
-400 gr. of boiling water


Peel the bananas initially and mash them with a fork, then put them in a wood container so they do not get dark.

Next, put the mashed bananas in a pot of boiling water, and let the mix simmer for Thirty Minutes on low heat.

Remove it from the heat and leave it to cool off. Include the honey in the end and the treatment is ready!

Consume 100 ml. of the mix 4 times a day to eliminate your cough and bronchitis and solve any breathing and gastrointestinal issues you might be struggling with.


Source: weeklyhealthylife


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