Obesity is one common problem for people all around the world. It is not simply esthetical problem, It is rather bad for health because in some cases can lead to issues with heart and diabetes type 2.

This 7 day dietary strategy is suggested by doctors from Sacred Heart Memorial Healthcare facility. They recommended it to clients which needed to lose weight for brief period of time since heart surgical treatment was waiting them.

This soup has to be integrated with large quantities of water and kombucha for the great bacteria in your digestion system.

Original recipe:

  • 1 oz envelope Lipton onion soup mix, can of diced tomatoes, 1 lot of celery, 3 sliced carrots, 1 big perfectly chopped cabbage, 6 large chopped green onions, 2 cans of green beans and salt plus pepper.

All the ingredients should be blended together in water with spices and be boiled for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes minimize the heat and simmer it until the vegetables end up being in tender form.

Organic diet cabbage soup:

Active ingredients:

  • 1 diced bell pepper, 1 big onion, 1 bulb of sliced up garlic, 1 large shredded cabbage, 1Ib of sliced mushrooms, 1 rinsed and sliced kombu seaweed, 1Ib of crushed tomatoes, 1 rinsed and sliced leek, broth, great deals of herbs and pepper and salt.

Salt the vegetables other than tomatoes and cabbage and put some coconut oil on them too. Include later the tomatoes and cabbage and place everything in pot and pour water inside. Prepare it till it boils and lower the heat after boiling. Simmer till the vegetables become tender. Add herbs in the ends and cook it for another 5 minutes.


7 days long prepare

Day 1— Sat away from bananas and consume the soup along with fruit s like water melon and cantaloupe. Consume water, cranberry juice and unsweetened tea.

Day 2— The soup must be taken in together with green leafy vegetables and corn, peas and beans should be avoided. Also, do not consume any type of fruits.

Day 3— The third day you need to consume the soup along with veggies and fruits by your option. Your weight reduction will be around 5-7 lbs minus.

Day 4— Eat the soup and consume bananas as much as you desire. Consume large amount of water. Potassium, calcium and proteins will reduce your sugar cravings.

Day 5— Along with your soup you can take a minimum of 6 natural tomatoes, beef, chicken or fish. Ensure it is all in high quality; beverage at least 8 glasses of water. One serving of the soup will be enough for this day.

Day 6— Take leafy green veggies and integrate it with beef, fish or chicken. Avoid potatoes, consume at least 1 serving of soup and have 2-3 stakes if you desire a day.

Day 7— Consume unsweetened fruit and vegetables. Take brown rice and consume the soup a minimum of once daily.

During this regime if you lost 15 pounds you need to take a break and start from day one. You need to likewise remember that it offers various results in different people.

Also, while dieting you have to remember to cut out the bread, pasta and fried foods. Cut alcohol and after ending, make 24 Hr break prior to intake. Soda drinks are likewise forbidden and ought to be changed with skimmed milk, natural juices, water, coffee and unsweetened tea.

This diet can not interfere with any medications however consult your medical professional before starting it.

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