This guy is Vernon Johnston, and he had prostate cancer in aggressive phase 4 spread even in his bone matter.

His owning force to recuperate was use of baking soda and molasses.

Suggestions From His Kid

Vernon was encouraged by his kid to attempt raising his PH because of that cancer cannot establish in an alkaline or high pH. He fulfilled Larry after a specific duration, and was informed to utilize cesium chloride in order to increase his pH level in a physiologically high alkaline level.

Vernon’s alternative treatment is more efficient considering that he didn’t go through any unsafe orthodox treatments. He even got his cesium chloride order lost in the mail however this didn’t stop him. On the other hand he kept trying to find another source that will increase his pH level.

As luck would have it, Vernon handled to discover a dish to damage the cancer prior to it damages him. The dish consisted of sodium bicarbonate and maple syrup. Nevertheless, because he had not got maple syrup in his cooking area, he utilized molasses rather.

Amazing Outcomes

This guy made notes of his everyday treatment, which he called ‘The last dance with cancer’, in a journal. He included a great diet plan to promote the alkaline variety of his pH, together with sunlight and minerals and vitamin supplements.

Thinking about that oxygen is not endured by anaerobic cancer cells, Vernon start practicing breathing workouts to more raise the raised oxygentation from the abrupt increase of his pH arised from sodium bicarbonate.

Instead of utilizing oxygen for survival, cancer cells need fermenting sugar, which is why Vernon utilized maple syrup. The syrup consumption allows going into of the high pH sodium bicarbonate in cancer cells, stunning them with the unanticipated rise of alkalinity. As a result the cells are oxygenated and ruined.

Vernon made a more strong mineral base for his dietary assistance by utilizing molasses. If you do this in your home, it is suggested to follow more than one procedure. Individuals detected with cancer ought to strictly prevent processed foods and sugars, as they can sustain the development of cancer.

After a number of weeks of his own treatment, Vernon went through medical exams which just showed his total turnaround of his bone and prostate cancer. Vernon shared his story from 2008 in The Valley News, regional California paper, in 2009, however he is informing his story even today.

There are numerous alternative options to cancer, as this one, which are non-toxic and economical.

Nevertheless, given that they are risk to the medical facility, the Medical Monopoly does not take notice of them.

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