The lymphatic system is one complex system whose function is to transfer the lymph throughout the body. The lymph is clear fluid, that includes numerous wastes, leukocyte and assists in cleansing of the body.

This is possible by a network of lymph nodes and lymph vessels, located simply listed below the skin. Considering that the system is independent, is not pumped by the heart or does not moves instantly through the smooth muscle as in the digestion system, the lymph might to decrease and compromise with time.

If this happens, the gastrointestinal system might loaded so, the waste products will begin bring up, the excess fluid will begin collecting and all this results in bloating or as I previously said– false density.

This is why the lymph requires help to begin moving versus gravity. If the lymph does not flow efficiently, swollen feet start to appear especially if you have inactive lifestyle.

Some people are born with less lymph nodes and have more problems with build-up of fluids in the body when there is swelling present.

Nevertheless, there are 4 ways that can help the lymphatic system and therefore assist in cleansing.

  1. Be more active– the only way in which you will be able to enhance your lymphatic flow is to be more active, to massage yourself or to workout: the muscle action puts the pressure on the peripheral blood and lymph vessels. The most reliable type of workout for moving the lymph: getting on rope, jumping on trampoline or merely jumping in place
  2. Lymph massage with dry brush– you will substantially enhance your lymphatic flow through lymphatic massage and the dried brush can help you a lot. This massage should be done every day.

On this way you will eliminate the dead skin cells and the body will be able to quickly secret the toxins and release them through the pores. It is essential to understand that the dead cells can close the pores and therefore lower the effectiveness of the sweat glands.

By brushing your skin you will eliminate the dead cells which represent one sort of waste. Among the reasons that people develop issues with inflammatory joints is in fact the accumulation of the lymph.

The cellulite is likewise a condition which exacerbates by the wear and tear of the lymphatic blood circulation.


  1. Add powder from the root of herb manjistha in your detox program– Put one tablespoon of this powder in your detox tea if you have problem with your lymphatic blood circulation.
  2. Include guggul in your diet– guggul is one powerful detoxifier and when your body is all set, this herb can do incredible things. It increases the secretion of hepatic enzymes which are accountable for detoxing as well as, increase the efficiency of the liver roadways for detoxification. It breaks down the fats and assists to release the toxins which are soluble in fat.

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