All moms and dads are terrified of head louse and the majority of them fear their kid will come and grumble that their scalp is scratchy. The factor is since head lice are tough to get rid of and they are irritating.

They are wingless, little bugs that feed on human blood and are they can be extremely infectious.

Most of the times, kids get them in school, however, grownups can get them too. They are not unsafe, however, they are bothersome and can trigger swollen and scratchy scalp.

If you do not eliminate them rapidly the scenario can leave control given that they increase in no time and this can trigger a severe infection.

On the marketplace, you can discover various lice hair shampoos. Nevertheless, if you ever experienced this issue you understand that these options are costly and inadequate.

In the end, you confront with the limitless combing that can last for hours, however, there can be a couple of parasites behind.

If you have actually attempted whatever and you still can not find the solution you do not need to stress since we are here to assist you.

We provide you a homemade solution for removing head lice and it is incredibly effective versus head lice. If your kid has head louse attempt this treatment right away.

Here’s exactly what you’ll require


– Lice comb
– White vinegar
– Listerine mouthwash (if you desire you can utilize another brand name)
– Couple of towels
– Shower cup or plastic bags
– A few towels


– With the mouthwash clean your kid’s head. The hair must be totally damp.

– Utilizing a plastic bag cover the hair or cover it with a bathing cap. Leave it for 60 minutes.

– Later, eliminate the bathing cap/plastic bag.

– The next action is to clean your kid’s hair with the vinegar and once again cover it with a bag/hat for extra 60 minutes.

– Lastly, eliminate the hat/bag and with a regular hair shampoo clean your kid’s hair.

– Take a louse comb and comb the hair. The vinegar will remove the lice eggs from the hair.

– Listerine’s strong odor will keep them away due to the fact that lice really can not stand the smell of spearmint which is why they will leave.

You can likewise include Listerine in a spray bottle and spray it your kid’s hair prior to school. The whole treatment will take a couple of hours.

Nevertheless, it is much better to utilize this treatment than industrial items versus louse which include a lot of chemicals which can participate in the kid’s bloodstream.


Source: healthylifecenter

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