Nowadays, medical professionals suggest individuals to obtain a colonoscopy which is a test that enables the physicians to inspect the inner lining of the anus and colon.

This test can help them not just look for cancer or precancerous developments in the big intestinal tract, however likewise to discover ulcers and locations of swelling also.

Inning accordance with the data, 14 million individuals undergo this intrusive treatment in order to discover colon cancer, simply in one year.

The concern is does it truly work?

It ‘s An Agonizing And Unsafe Treatment

Many individuals are not familiar with that this treatment can be very agonizing and it can be even deadly.

The Record Of Internal Medication reported that nearly 70,000 individuals get hurt and even eliminated due to a problem connected with colonoscopy.

The Telemark Polyp Research study I declares that colonoscopy increases death by approximately 57 percent.

For each individual conserved by the treatment, 56 suffer an injury. Inning accordance with the science, this treatment can result in infections like HPV, HIV, E.Coli, Helicobacter pylori,; Liver disease B and C; Salmonella; Pseudomonas and Aeruginosa; and Influenza Infections.

Colonoscopy Does Not Avoid Cancer

In 2009, the American Cancer Society reported: “… there are no potential randomized regulated trials of evaluating colonoscopy for the decrease in occurrence of or death from colorectal cancer.”

Numerous years previously, in 2006, the New york city Times released a post which recommended that: “The clients in all the research studies had at least one adenoma found on colonoscopy however did not have cancer.

They established cancer in the next couple of years, nevertheless, at the exact same rate as would be anticipated in the basic population without screening.”

Yet another research study exposed that the clients from all the research studies established colon cancer “at the very same rate as would be anticipated in the basic population without screening” in the next number of years, although all discovered polyps had actually been gotten rid of.

Colonoscopy Is A Rip-Off

Huge Pharma and medical professionals take advantage of colonoscopy, which is why they recommend individuals to obtain one, however individuals need to absolutely prevent it because it is nothing but a rip-off for cash.

Colonoscopy is really an intrusive and possibly fatal treatment.

Despite the fact that it sounds amazing and scary, the radiation levels produced from simply one colonoscopy resemble the atomic bomb direct exposure in Hiroshima.

The National Cancer Institute reported: “Whether virtual colonoscopy can decrease the variety of deaths from colorectal cancer is not yet understood.”

Keep in mind: In order to avoid more damage, you need to absolutely consult your physician about more secure screening test like sigmoidoscopy, stool tests, and calculated tomographic colonography.


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