Benign tumors aren’t malignant. They can often be removed, and, most of the times, they do not come back. Cells in benign tumours do not infected other parts of the body.

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Malignant tumors are cancerous and are comprised of cells that outgrow control. Cells in these tumours can invade neighboring tissues and spread to other parts of the body.

Sometimes cells move away from the original (main) cancer site and infect other organs and bones where they can continue to grow and form another tumour at that site.

Flowers of a potato plant

Get flowers of a potato and make tea. It heals oncological illness. The tea is prepared in the following way: put 3 tablespoons of this plant in a jar and pour over one and a half cup of hot water. Cover it and let it remain like that 3 hours. Consume half a cup of this tea 3 times a day.

Shiitake mushroom

Japanese shiitake mushrooms are called liquidators of growths. They state, an individual who consumes shiitake, a minimum of one month annually, can not have a growth! You can buy them dried then grind them in a coffee mill. Consume one tablespoon of shiitake in the early morning.


It is necessary to eat buckwheat porridge since it protects the body from tumor.

Greater Burdock (arctium lappa)

Get burdock root (arctium lappa) and beverage tea with honey.

Stabilizes metabolic process and safeguards the body from growth.

The coating of clay against tumor

The finish is made in this way: Get purifying clay. Before use, expose the clay in the sun for one day, to purify and absorb the sun’s energy. Then include 2 tablespoons flour, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and strong chamomile tea. Mix it good until you have density of the dough. Put this “loaf” where the tumor lies.

Cover the “loaf” with fabric and a nylon bag, then warm it good.The loaf should stay exactly an hour and a half, then it needs to be removed.With this treatment you can get rid of the tumor cells in the body.

That’s why you need to not keep the clay on your body longer than an hour and a half, it is extremely inportant to eliminate the cleay after the treatment.

It must not be utilized again. Make a brand-new loaf the very same method, from a brand-new clay and hold it again an hour and a half then eliminate it. You will more than happy with the results if you duplicate this treatment.

Source: Dr Axe

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