Cucumber diet that makes you lose 7 kg in 7 days!!!

This diet plan is just with cucumbers and lasts just a week. Consume it when you feel starving all the time, it is safe.

This vegetable is likewise utilized in charm programs and masks for the face, acne cleaning and more.

However likewise the body gets a lot from it, metabolic process is quicker and intestinal tracts cleaner, digestion system too.

Diet prepare for 24 hr

1. Breakfast: cucumber salad, 1 plate, difficult boiled eggs.

2. Snack: 5 plums, 1 apple, 1 peach.

3. Lunch: I toast wheat bread and bowl of cucumbers

Exactly what is required for this salad?

– 400 g cucumbers

– 200 ml sour milk (yogurt likewise is a choice)

– onion

– salt


Peel the cucumber and suffice into little portions. Include the salt and mix. Then include the milk/yogurt and onion, then blend once again.

A concept for a treat– cucumber shake!

1 cucumber, handful spinach, and 1 apple.


Mix whatever and mix. Then include ginger and mix perfectly. Gather glass and consume it fresh.

For supper

Any fruit you like, no greater than 300 g.


Source: organichealthteam

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