In this case, many people immediately reach for medications in order to treat the concern.

However, this problem may be solved quickly in other ways as well, while avoiding approaches that include drugs. Various methods are based on physics, not chemistry, and result in the very same, or perhaps much better, results.


Namely, the stuffy ears, stuffy nose, or a stuffy head might be eliminated in simple and efficient methods. This is how to gain relief nearly immediately by touching a particular pressure point.

1: Use the Tongue and Press In between Eyebrows

The premise of this technique is to minimize or remove the extreme quantities of mucus, which leads to the clog of the sinuses. Acupressure can be of excellent assistance in this case. Just press certain points on the body in order to trigger the fluid flow and you will eliminate mucously and enhance breathing.

You should press the tongue flat versus the roof of the mouth cavity. At the same time, press a finger against the skin in between the eyebrows, and hold thus for 20 seconds.

As soon as you release the finger and the tongue, you will feel the movement towards the back part of the tongue as the collected mucus gets softened.

Otherwise, you can likewise alternate between pressing the point in between the eyebrows and pressing your tongue versus the roofing of the mouth.

2: Apply Pressure Throughout Your Eyebrows

In the case of obstructed forehead sinuses, you need to act in a different way in order to clear the upper sinuses and the nose.

The popular massage therapist Amber Lynn Vitale claims that the application of pressure throughout the eyebrows results in mucous motion. Place the fingers at the beginning of each eyebrow, close to the central point in between, lean the head forward, resting on the elbows.

As quickly as the pressure shifts after a couple of seconds, you must move the fingers to the eyebrows’ middle. Hold therefore till you feel relief.

Then, move the fingers to the end of the eyebrows, and either hold to push for a couple of seconds or move them in a circular motion to stimulate the mucus motion through the forehead. As quickly as this happens, the pressure in the center of your head will vanish.

3: A Mini-Massage

Massages are undeniable an outstanding treatment which provides numerous health benefits. Massages trigger the blood circulation and therefore boost blood circulation and the supply or oxygen and other necessary nutrients to the body tissues.

Therefore, you will benefit a lot from a mini-massage on the sinus location on the head. The massage therapist Heather Wibbels suggest a number of fast runs in order to obtain rid of the pressure and mucus built up in the sinuses.

You ought to press against the notch of your collarbone firmly and in a duplicated way with the tips of your fingers, to promote the flow of the mucous. You need to seem like you are clearing your throat. Your ears will open up when the pressure is decreased.

Another method to drain the built up fluid and clear up the sinuses is to cross the hands in order to make a V shape, and pump on the neck sides to stimulate the movement of the lymph fluid. The outcomes are due to the suction that occurs in the lymphatic system.

All these acupressure methods are effective and effectively unclog the sinuses in an entirely natural method, without the use of medicines.

The application of a minor pressure on the proper points can ease the discomfort and pressure in the sinuses, and assist you to drain the fluid that is the reason for the obstruction that causes the discomfort.

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