It is recommended to clean up the blood vessels for increasing of the elasticity of the blood vessels, elimination of toxic substances in the blood, and their cleansing from cholesterol deposits. This procedure can be done in many different methods– from taking medication to consuming natural solutions, laser cleaning of the blood and plasmapheresis.

Exactly what is really crucial is that cleaning the blood vessels with drugs often triggers a lot of contraindications. The last thing to reach for is the drugs, perhaps when everything else does not help. That is simply among the reasons that, the cleansing of the blood vessels from cholesterol deposits with the use of honey natural treatments is safer, but likewise needs appropriate and careful utilizing of them, so that you do not endanger your health.

The lemon and the garlic are considered as quite reliable items for fortifying of the walls of the blood vessels, minimizing the threat of unsafe illness such as atherosclerosis, cleaning the blood vessels and reducing the cholesterol levels.

The Russian folk medicine has utilized this mix with garlic and lemon for centuries. Likewise, it has been validated by scientific research study numerous times that this recovery cast prevents the formation of cancer cells, along with the fact that the garlic contains large quantities of antioxidants that contribute with the homes to rejuvenate and regenerate.

This is the recipe for the preparation of the recovery tincture for cleaning up the capillary from cholesterol deposits.


  • 100 oz of boiled water
  • 4 medium lemons with the peel
  • 4 heads of garlic

The method of Preparation:
First, separate the garlic into little pieces and clean them. Then pour the boiling water over the lemons, and cut them into pieces. In a meat grinder grind all of the active ingredients together. Put the mix into a tidy glass container of 100 oz and fill the rest of the container with hot boiling water. Close the jar with a cover and leave it in the fridge for three days. After that, strain the mix and keep it cooled.

The optimum allowed dosage of the mix is 1.7 oz 3 times a day, before every meal. Nevertheless, in order to clean up the capillary more effectively you should begin with lower doses (1– 2 tablespoons). If you feel no contraindications, gradually increase the dosage.

The treatment should last for 40 days. It is highly suggested to do this cleansing of the capillary when a year, obviously after consulting a medical professional. After taking this beverage, the blood pressure normalizes, the blood flow and its lipid composition improve, it is much easier to drop weight and the brain circulation enhances.

Source: healthyfoodhouse

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