Despite the fact that the reasons for pancreatic cancer are still not clinically verified, many studies have actually revealed that red meat and meat items play an important role in the incidence of this kind of cancer.

Specifically, research study has actually shown that a couple of bacon or a sausage on a daily basis will increase the threat of establishing pancreatic cancer by 19% compared to individuals who do not consume these items. Moreover, this portion is even rose to 29% in the event the participant taken in 120 grams of red meat.


This kind of cancer grows exceptionally rapidly and only in 2015, more than 4000 have actually been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. However, this cancer can not be detected in the early phase, and as a result, it eliminates more than any other cancer type.

Particularly, only 5% of the detected clients live more than 5 years, while around 74% of them pass away in the very first year.

Furthermore, the journal BMC Medication published another study in 2013 which determined the rate of event of this kind of cancer. Namely, scientists divided participants into groups, who took in processed meat, red meat and poultry.

Their findings mentioned that there is a powerful relation in between cardiovascular disease and cancer, and the usage of processed meat.

However, researchers might not get so concrete results in the case of poultry and unprocessed red meat. Thus, their conclusion was that the usage of processed meat is connected to a high mortality rate.

Moreover, they found that if the consumption of processed meat is reduced to less than 20 grams daily, 3.3% of deaths might be prevented.

All these studies analyze one particular destructive element- nitrates. They are contributed to provide the red color or as a preservative. Nevertheless, research study has actually shown that nitrates are connected to cancer and might be an important aspect for the occurrence of cancer if meat products like bacon result in cancer.

Nowadays, as the variety of pancreatic cancer patients is continuously growing, scientists struggle to discover its causes. Undoubtedly, the nature of the relation in between pancreatic cancer and red meat requires a major and dedicated research.

Yet, the danger will be inevitably lowered if you take in healthy foods and avoid processed ones and foods abundant in chemicals or toxic substances.

The best thing you can do in order to maintain your health and prevent cancer, specifically the one impacting your pancreas, is to be incredibly cautious what you consume, get rid of processed meat from your diet plan, and focus on natural vegetables and fruits.

Source: Healthy Food Star

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