Ann Cameron, the popular kids’ book author, has actually edited 15 kids’ books. Nevertheless, she was identified 3rd phase colon cancer in 2012, and she chose to share her struggle with this awful illness openly.

Thankfully, she succeeded to battle the illness in an entirely natural method, so she wants to assist other individuals with the exact same issue.

In 2005, her spouse passes away from lung cancer, after invest months of chemotherapy.

For that reason, when she got her medical diagnosis, she went through surgical treatment and was encouraged to get chemo, she declined, due to the not successful treatment of her spouse.

Rather, she chose to discover some alternative method to treat her illness.

She studies many option treatments, and hence check out Ralph Cole, who handled to treat skin cancer with the intake of 2,5 kgs (5 pounds) of carrot juice daily.

She began the very same treatment. After 8 weeks, her medical tests revealed that the cancer spread has actually been stopped, and the growths and lymph glands started to reduce.

She continued with the carrot juice treatment, and after 4 months, the growth was still withdrawing. After just 8 months, the CT scan revealed that there were no traces of cancer.

The usage of carrot juice can be done together with other standard treatments, as it works with radiation and chemo.

Yet, she chose to attempt and treat the illness by exclusively consuming the juice, and prevent the side-effects of the chemotherapy.

She recommends that if possible, the client must delay these standard treatments and at first attempt the carrot juice treatment, as it might stop the expansion of cancer cells and treatment cancer by itself.

Science has actually verified the anti-cancer homes of carrots, which are because of the antioxidant Falcarinol discovered in them.

A research study carried out in Denmark and the UK on rats and mice with colon cancer discovered that the intake of carrots lowered the cancer occurrence in one-third of the experimental animals.

Another research study has actually revealed that breast cancer clients who took in carrot juice had actually raised levels of carotenoids (vitamin A precursors) in their blood, which function as cancer avoidance.

Moreover, carrots are high in other advantageous nutrients, so their usage offers fantastic health impacts.

For that reason, we highly recommend that you consume them routinely and consult your medical professional in order to attempt the carrot juice treatment to combat the most dangerous illness of the modern-day period.


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