The banana flower advantages…

So, discover exactly what are the advantages and benefits of taking in banana flower. As well as, discover the best ways to make the incredible curry.

What Are They Exactly?

– Recovery ulcer
– Recovery anemia
– More powerful uterus
– Soothed irregularity
– Routine menstruation cycle
– Much better kidney work
– Lower high blood pressure
– Great addition for breastfeeding ladies and diabetics

Ways To Make Banana Flower Curry:

Take a pan and put oil, 2 tablespoons. Include mustard seeds and let it sputter. Include sliced green chilies and onions and fry well.

Then include the banana flower as well as include salt, hing, curry leaves, coriander, and turmeric too. Include water in the end and cover with cover.

After a long time, open this and include crushed coconut, stir well. It is ready to be consumed!


Source: organichealthuniverse

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