A menstruation is the duration which is the most uncomfortable for each lady. In this duration the body drops the lining of the uterus (womb) and the blood streams from the uterus as a result of the little opening in the cervix and loses consciousness of the body as a result of the vaginal area.

However the menstruation will reveal you if you have some problems. SO you have to understand the indications that your organism sends out.

1. Light circulation

Light circulation is showing that you have thyroid or pituitary gland issue, other than when you are consuming anti bay tablets.

2. Unexpected bleeding

Unexpected bleeding can be triggered by uterine or cervical polyps. This kind of bleeding might threaten in case it shows cancer.

3. Late or unusual duration

Irregular menstrual durations in case of no chance for pregnancy shows hormone imbalance, your ovulation is irregular and it provides trouble for decision the fertile days.

4. Unusual color

If your duration is like cranberry juice, this suggests that you have a regular menstruation. Otherwise, you might be having estrogen imbalance.


Source: healthherbs365

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