Lifestyle of Maisie Streng represents exactly what no professional exhorts. She doesn’t not appreciate any of the medical council, does not consume any medications, and she has actually experienced her 102-th birthday.

This grandma from Glasgow has actually simply commemorated a turning point in her life, or her 102-th birthday.

She smokes 20 cigarettes a day for 75 years, and it appears that she does not interfere with cigarettes, however that’s not her only bad habit.

She likewise consumed a glass of wine every night prior to falling asleep, however only one. She has another vice. “She fanatically consumes bananas”– stated her kid Sandy, who has 65 years

She most smoked throughout the duration when she worked as a secretary of “Daily Express” editor. “She has actually constantly smoked while dealing with her typewriter”

She began to consume bananas throughout this duration when she was working. Because of due dates did not have time for lunch and a her fast meals were bananas, a practice that she has till today.

After she began smoking as a teen, she stopped just when at 5 weeks, and while she remained in the healthcare facility due to the fact that he broke his thigh bone in their 90s.

When she lastly left the medical facility, she instantly went back to cigarettes and Chardonnay.

” In some way it’s ridiculous to think about the many individuals who smoke for a while and for that reason have illness. My mom is a paradox.”– States Sandy

Paradoxically, her hubby passed away when he was 65 years of ages, he was constantly in good shape, and he was an athletics instructor. Cigarettes with him were out.

Regardless of smoking cigarettes, Macy has no illness. “She does not take medication”– states Sandy.


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